oil massage

Improves morale and can overcome depression: your body contains 30 pressure points on the soles of your legs and hands that are connected to various organs.

In addition, you have 7 reflex centers connected to the glands of the neck, the head, the reproductive organs, the pancreas, the kidneys and the liver.

When you make body massage oil at home and do massage with it, it also helps to release other hormones that relax the mind, relieve stress, and help keep depression at bay.

Beats body pain

The massage is great when you are all done aching. This is because it helps to overcome body pain if done properly.

Due to its work on the muscles and nerves of your body, acupuncture helps to relieve mild to moderate body aches.

Get rid of dead skin and dirt effectively

Whether you apply oil on your body or a technician does it for you, oil helps to get rid of dead skin and dirt, especially in areas that are susceptible to build up, including places like your navel, your ears and your knees.

Not only does DIY massage oil recipe help you stay clean and free of infection, but it also brightens the skin and prevents any tanning.

massage oil recipe

Keeps you healthy

Massaging the head, nose, navel, rectum, neck, wrists and soles of the legs with has reflex points that help to stimulate certain hidden glands and allow them function properly, help unleash certain hormones and relax nerve endings.

Since the procedure always improves blood circulation and soothes you emotionally, an oil massage is the best way to stay well. To add to this, it is also a perfect form of exercise and is therefore great for your health.

Improves heart health

The points on your right palm and the base of your heart’s reflex center. Applying gentle yet consistent pressure to this level helps to improve the working of your heart and keep it healthy.