You should find that it is similar to the butter we eat. Butter has soft, smooth qualities. Smell is better and longer lasting than the rest of us.

It is made using a mixture of carrier oils and basic butter and does not contain water. Butters are basic fats and minerals that are derived from natural ingredients such as banana, chocolate, mango and nuts.

Carrier oils are compounds that are used to retain and distribute essential ingredients to the skin.

These ingredients provide vital nutrients and sooth the skin. This is best used in dry and fragile skin or in dry conditions where moisture can escape from the skin.

Some dermatologists and spas recommend that lips, wrists, knees, thighs and legs should be included. However, we should know the difference between body lotion and body butter.

Cream products use the same essential ingredients as milk, plus water-based ingredients such as aloe vera, herbal infusion and hydrosol.

Often producers apply wax, such as beeswax, as well as some form of mild thickener, such as xanthan gum or borax emulsifier.

There can be butters or strong fats in the milk, but not generally. It is appropriate for all forms of dry skin.

butter or cream

Skin oils relax and nourish the skin and are also emollient. They also resemble natural oils in our bodies, so they can be easily absorbed.

Body Lotion, on the other hand, are the lightest sort and dissolve easily as they contain more water. It is not necessarily going to moisturize as much, or it is going to stay on the skin like butter or cream.

So as per body butter vs body lotion they are ideal for skin that is not as dry, or for people who tend to have oilier skin.

Lotions are usually applied to the back, chest, and thighs. Body Care Lotion is ideal for use in hotter, more humid environments or seasons, as it appears not to ‘sit’ on the skin.