The explanation for weight loss diets is that the world we live in, with all its new advancements, is floating in a sea of contaminants.

Every day we hear another news story that new chemicals have been leaked into our diet or air supply that poses a danger to our health.

The findings may not be painfully evident, but no one is immune from this tragic circumstance that induces more ill health and sickness than we may like to admit.

Sadly, we are ingesting contaminants quicker and more easily than before from pollution of our soil, food and air supply.

That is the primary cause of multiple diseases, from general malaise to more serious conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

But while detox dieting has the potential to nipple these health problems in buds, most people seeking detox diets are only looking for weight loss.


Many that choose it as cucumber water burn belly fat in order to shed pounds easily find that the effects of detoxification well outweigh their hopes and go beyond rapidly losing a few extra pounds.

Since detox diets remove the main problem that is at the root of ALL disease, losing weight merely becomes a good side benefit — the icing on the cake.

It is for this very explanation why, in my experience, detoxification is the safest way to lose weight.

I would like to say that this insight is simply my opinion, but it is based on my years of experience in coaching clients through multiple detox diets and many more years of self-experimentation.

My success and disappointment in both of them gives me a clear insight on what does and does not work, and why.

Since it appears like there are as many detox diets available as there are contaminants in our climate, my goal in this article is to demystify some of the more popular methods used so that you can choose the right cucumber and lemon detox water for you.

cucumber and lemon water

The most important place to start with is a one-day detox diet. To get the best out of your training, you would want to train for this a few days in advance by weaning yourself off caffeine, sugar and other processed foods.

Through planning your official one-day detox day in this manner, it would be easier and more enjoyable.

On the day of your official detox, you can try to drink nothing but fresh juices as quickly as you can during a salad or stick to whole fruits and vegetables.

A lot of people have opted to fast one day a week on a daily basis. It might not feel like a thing at the moment, but it adds up. One day a week adds up to 52 days a year! Dream of how much your body is going to be.