Curly hair comes in all shapes and sizes from straight corkscrew curls to kinky curly hair, both stunning in their own way. As beautiful as this style of hair is, often women tend to get a straight look for shift.

The normal straightening devices, such as a blow dryer and a flat iron, come into action. However, repeated use of these appliances on curly hair will lead to injury, breakage, split ends, dry hair and other problems.

The way back from this form of hair injury is usually by trimming the tresses and developing a new collection of hair.

You should try a few intense conditioning and protein therapies first to see how you can recover your curls. If you cannot do that after a few tries, it is time to let go of your head.

There are, however, solutions to permanently straighten hair naturally that do not harm the hair and will last as long as heat straightening: –

hair curlersBanding

This includes shaving the hair, then winding the elastic band around it from the top all the way to the end and connecting the ends.

Wash your hair and clean it as normal, then suck out the excess of sweat. Then, the hair section and start winding the band around each segment with a firm hand but not as close as to create a headache.

When your hair is dry, cut the bands and your hair is sleek and stretched out. The best bands to do this are Goody Ouchless Bands, which do not have metal clasps. You should band of yarn and string, too.

Hair Curlers

This may sound contradictory to the issue, but this is one of the good natural ways to straighten curly hair.

Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, add the normal leave ins, then start cutting into small pieces and carefully place each part in the curler to prevent hair loss.


If you are washed, you can either comb your finger or use a big toothcomb or paddle brush to straighten out your hair, then tie it into a bun.

The most recommended drug for this is the common curl formers, which come in different sizes and lengths.

CWK Plates

This is a hair-stretching device that can be applied to any form and length of hair. After the normal hair care, apply the plates to the hair in tiny pieces and snap the plates together.

You may use indirect heat, such as a hair dryer, to speed up the drying process, but it is really not required and should dry on its own in record time due to the design.

After that, shake your finger and comb, and you should have sleek straight hair that will last up to two weeks.